2008–2009 News

News Articles: Fall 2008–Spring 2009

The Blue Streak (blog): “Bonnaroo Light” Satisfies In Its Own Unique Way
June 15, 2009

Maryville Daily Times: Concert in Cades Cove a Highlight of 75th Anniversary
June 14, 2009

A Mountain View (blog): 75th Celebration Concert in Cades Cove
June 14, 2009

KNS: Special Performance Mark Symphony Celebration at Park
June 14, 2009

WVLT-TV: Cades Cove Concert marks Smokies Diamond Anniversary
June 13, 2009

WVLT-TV: Senator Alexander Rehearses With Knoxville Symphony Orchestra
June 12, 2009

Maryville Daily Times: Alexander Looks Back, Forward; Senator To Reprise Park Performance First Made As Governor
June 12, 2009

Maryville Daily Times: Lamar Alexander and Knoxville Symphony Have Final Rehearsal Before Concert At Great Smoky Mountains National Park 75th Anniversary
June 12, 2009

Farragut Press: KSO Presents Annual Independence Day Concert
June 11, 2009

New Yorker: Endless Mahler
June 8, 2009

A! Magazine for the Arts: Lamar Alexander Will Tickle the Ivories at Cades Cove Concert
June, 2009

KNS: Senator Alexander, With Help from KSO’s Music Director, Prepares For His Smokies Piano Performance
KNS Video: Senator Alexander Brushes His Piano Skills With a Lesson On “Amazing Grace”
May 16, 2009

Daily Times: Once More…With Feeling; Alexander Rehearses For Cades Cove Performance
May 16, 2009

WBIR Live At 5 At 4 (With video): Senator Lamar Alexander Playing Tribute To Great Smoky Mountains
May 15, 2009

KNS Review: Pianist Ghindin Thunders As Sensitivity of KSO Shines
May 15, 2009

WBIR Live at 5 (at 4): KSO Concert at Cades Cove
May 11, 2009

KNS Preview: Pianist Finds Similarities In Russian, U.S. Performances
May 10, 2009

Metro Pulse Review: KSO Ends Chamber Season on Exuberant Note
May 7, 2009

Daily Times Preview: Symphony, Peter Cetera To Present Songs The Way They’re Meant To Be Heard
May 7, 2009

KNS Preview: Pop Hitmaker To Play KSO Pops Concert
May 3, 2009

The Daily Times: Music of Alexander, Knoxville Symphony Orchestra to Ring Out in Cades Cove As Part of Smokies 75th Anniversary
April 24, 2009

KNS Review: KSO Celebrates The Spiritual Playing Works of Oliver Messiaen
April 19, 2009

KNS Preview: Choral Show Has Its many Intricacies
April 12, 2009

Metro Pulse Review: KSO Keeps It Simple With American Works
April 8, 2009

KNS: 2009 Symphony Showhouse Exudes Southern Charm
April 5, 2009

A! Magazine for the Arts: Knoxville Symphony To Perform Young Composer’s Work
April, 2009

WBIR Live at 5 (at 4): Maestro Richman Talks About the Upcoming Season
March 23, 2009

KNS Review: KSO Gives Masterful Performance
March 20, 2009

KNS Preview: Violinist Puts Her Own Stamp On Piece
March 15, 2009

A! Magazine for the Arts: Knoxville Symphony to Perform Bolero!
March 2009

Farragut Press: KSO Young Composer Competition Winner Announced
March 12, 2009

KNS Preview: The Lettermen Stay Age Appropriate
March 8, 2009

KNS: Senator To Join In Smokies’ Summer Concert
March 8, 2009

KNS: Musicians Bring Stories, Strings to Knox Libraries
March 4, 2009

KNS: Senator Alexander To Perform at Smokies 75th Outdoor Celebration
March 2, 2009

KNS Preview: Strong Work Ethic Drives Chamber Chorale Singers
March 1, 2009

News Sentinel: Musicians Perform During Library’s Story Time Program
See the video
March 5, 2009

A! Magazine for the Arts: The Lettermen Will Take The Stage With The Knoxville Orchestra
March, 2009

KNS Review: KSO’s Performance Justifies Masterpiece
February 27, 2009

Metro Pulse: Knoxville Composer Debuts With Beloved Brahms
February 23, 2009

KNS: Series Cultivates KSO’s Audience, Talents
February 22, 2009

KNS Preview: KSO Concert Will Be World Premiere For Knox Horn Player’s New Work
February 22, 2009

A! Magazine for the Arts: Knoxville Chamber Orchestra to Perform Mendelssohn’s Italian Symphony
February 2009

A! Magazine for the Arts: Knoxville Youth Orchestra Concert
February 2009

A! Magazine for the Arts: Knoxville Symphony to Perform Work Of Local Composer
February 2009

A! Magazine for the Arts: Valentine Pops Concert a Tribute to Songwriting Legend Richard Rodgers
February 2009

WBIR Live at 5 (video): KSO Honors Music Legends With Special Tribute
February 6, 2009

KNS Preview: Love Reigns In New KSO Pops Rodgers Tribute
February 1, 2009

KNS Review: KSCO Concert of Bach’s Music Wonderfully Satisfying in Bijou
January 26, 2009

KNS Preview: Knox Chamber Orchestra’s ‘Basically Bach’ Sunday At Bijou
January 22, 2009

KNS: Collaboration Note of MLK Concert
January 20, 2009

KNS Review: Perlman, KSO Shine at the Tennessee Theatre
January 16, 2009

Farragut Press Preview: KSO Offers Richard Rodgers Valentine Tribute
January 15, 2009

KNS Preview: Pianist Perlman Overcame Hurdles To Continue Concerts
January 11, 2009

KNS Preview: Concert Honors Legacy of MLK
January 11, 2009

Oak Ridger: KSO To Perform Annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration Cencert
December 24, 2008

Maryville Daily Times Preview: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year: Santa Pays Annual Visit to KSO’s Holiday Concert
December 18, 2008

Metro Pulse Preview: Untraditional Holiday Fare
December 18, 2008

WBIR Live at 5 (video): Santa Serenades Live at 5 at 4
December 17, 2008

KNS Preview: Knox Composer Crafts Work for 22nd Annual Clayton Holiday Concert
December 14, 2008

Farragut Press Preview: KSO, Clayton Presents Christmas Extravaganza
December 11, 2008

KNS: Silence: Bloggers’ Variety; Holiday Tips
December 7, 2008

KNS: Kaczka: Parker Stands Out On Cycle, Bassoon
November 30, 2008

Metro Pulse Review: Drama and Life
November 26, 2008

KNS: Musical Duet: Symphony’s Partnership With School Orchestra Brings Concerts Alive
November 25, 2008

KNS Review: Knoxville Symphony Orchestra Performance Exceptional
November 22, 2008

KNS: Youth Orchestra’s Free Concert Features Four Performance Groups
November 11, 2008

KNS Review: Quartet Plays Togetherness Beautifully
November 10, 2008

KNS Preview: KSO Teaches Children About Classical Music
November 9, 2008

Metro Pulse Preview: String Music
November 6, 2008

KNS Preview: Government Put Music In His Soul
November 2, 2008

Metro Pulse Review: All Tchaikovsky, All the Time
October 23, 2008

Farragut Press: KSO AC Pulgar Product of Venezuela Program
October 16, 2008

News Sentinel Review: KSO Shines in Sharing Tchaikovsky Musical Stories
October 19, 2008

News Sentinel Preview: Family History Makes German Good Fit For Cellist
October 12, 2008

Maryville Daily Times Preview: Bernadette Peters Brings A Little Class To The Pops Series
October 10, 2008

Metro Pulse Review: Made in America
September 25, 2008

KNS Review: Young Pianist Thrills Audience
September 19, 2008

KNS Preview: Guest Pianist Plays For Gold
September 14, 2008

Maryville Daily Times: And Away We Go!  Knoxville Symphony Launches 73rd Season With Work By Heritage Grad
September 12, 2008

Metro Pulse: Music for the Masses
September 3, 2008

KNS: Symphonic Serenity: Violinist Bring Joys, Peace To Those In Need of Healing
KNS Online Supplement – Audio Slideshow
August 10, 2008

KNS: Director’s Experience Inspired KSO Program
August 10, 2008

KNS: Buy Your Tickets For KSO Performances
August 10, 2008

Oak Ridger: Knoxville Symphony Orchestra Launches 73rd Season
July 24, 2008

Metro Pulse: The Italian Job
July 3, 2008

A! Magazine for the Arts: Knoxville Symphony Director Conducts Score for “Kit Kittredge: An American Girl”
July 2008

Farragut Press: Richman Conducts “Kit Kittredge” Film Score
June 19, 2008

Oak Ridger Preview: KSO To Perform Patriotic Tunes In The 24th Annual Pilot Free Independence Day Concert
June 19, 2008

League of American Orchestras: Knoxville Symphony Orchestra Music and Wellness Program