Sep 16

KSO on the Road

Bach at the Botanicals


Thursday, Sept. 16, 2021 at 7:00 p.m.


The Knoxville Botanical Garden and Arboretum

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Concert FAQ at bottom of the page

Let the sounds of the symphony guide you through the Knoxville Botanical Garden as KSO musicians perform the music of J.S. Bach alongside contemporary composers, including Dosia McKay, Rhiannon Giddens, and Mark O’Connor. This event is free and open to the public. No tickets are required. Lawn chairs, blankets, and walking shoes are encouraged.


Event map with performance locations


Visitor’s Center Porch: Grit and Glitz, 7:00-7:15 & 7:20-7:35
J.S. Bach, Ricercar a 3
Dosia McKay, Grit and Glitz


Secret Garden: Seek and Ye Shall Find, 7:00-7:15 & 7:20-7:35
J.S. Bach, Fuga Canonica (Canonic Fugue)
J.S. Bach, Canon #1 a 2, Quaerendo invenietis (Seek and ye shall find)
J.S. Bach, Canon #2 a 2, Quaerendo invenietis (Seek and ye shall find)
J.S. Bach, Canon 1 a 2 cancrizans
Jessie Montgomery, Source Code


Martha Ashe Garden: Garden of Peace, 7:05-7:20 & 7:25-7:40
Mark O’Connor, Appalachia Waltz
J.S. Bach, Canon a 4
Ken Benshoof, Sweeter Than Wine


Stone Greenhouse: A Musical Incubator, 7:10-7:25 & 7:30-7:45
J.S. Bach, Canon perpetuus super thema regium (2)
J.S. Bach, Canon 2 a 2 Violin in Unisono (3b)
J.S. Bach, Canon a 2 per Motum contrarium (3c)
J.S. Bach, Canon a 2 per Augmentationem, contrario Motu (3d)
J.S. Bach, Canon a 2 per tonos
Rhiannon Giddens, At the Purchaser’s Option 
Efrain Amaya, Angelica 


Stone Terrace: Infinite Worlds, 7:15-7:30 & 7:35-7:50
J.S. Bach, Canon perpetuo
Brian Nabors, Until Dawn 


Gazebo: Sonata Showcase, 7:35-7:50
J.S. Bach, Sonata a 3


Dogwood Center, 8:00-8:30
J.S. Bach, Brandenburg Concerto No. 3, first mvt.
Jennifer Higdon, Reel Time
J.S. Bach (arr. Demirjian), Ricercar a 6


In the case of rain, KSO musicians will move into the Dogwood Center and continue performances as planned.

Concert FAQ


Do you have a map of the event? 
Yes, we do! 


How does this event work?
Our performance at the Botanical Garden will be unlike anything we have done before. Small ensembles of KSO musicians will be positioned around the garden performing the music of Bach and other contemporary composers at staggered times from 7:00-8:30 p.m. You can view where the ensembles are located along with their performance times on our mobile program and on our map of the garden. While we have start times for performances, we encourage you to walk through the garden at your own pace. Two ensembles will kick off the evening at 7:00 near the Visitor Center and the Secret Garden. The evening will culminate at the Dogwood Center.


Should I bring anything to the event?
We encourage you to bring your own lawn chairs and picnic blankets to sit on while watching the earlier ensembles perform. Limited seating will be available at the Dogwood Center. We also encourage comfortable walking shoes.


Where do I park? 
Free parking is available at the Knoxville Botanical Garden parking lots off of Wimple Avenue and at the Community Evangelistic Presbyterian Church parking lot on Boyds Bridge Pike. We will have a shuttle at Community Evangelistic Presbyterian Church.



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