Chamber Music Program

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KSYO Chamber Music Program

Directed by Dr. Wesley Baldwin

Students will have an opportunity to participate in a small ensemble with their peers, learn about and develop skills in rehearsing chamber music, receive regular coaching, and have performance opportunities organized by the KSYO.


Open by audition to:
  • students who are entering the sixth grade or above
  • students who have three years of experience playing in an orchestra (either School or KSYO)
  • priority will be given to students auditioning/enrolled in the KSYO (Sinfonia, Chamber Orchestra and Youth Orchestra) for the current season
  • priority will be given to students who sign up for the full year of the Chamber Music Program


Ensembles will rehearse weekly on either Tuesday or Thursday evening. Advanced ensembles additionally commit to weekly rehearsals on their own. Additional rehearsals to prepare for the Winter and Spring Recitals may be added at the Chamber Music Program director’s request.


Chamber Music rehearsals will be held at the Emporium Center for the 2021-2022 season!

How To Audition:

Students who sign up for a KSYO audition may sign up for Chamber Music Program at the same time. Please indicate that you would like your audition recorded for consideration of placement in the Chamber Music Program when asked. Students who are not auditioning for a Knoxville Symphony Youth Orchestra placement may use the link below and indicated Chamber Music Program only.

Click here to sign up for auditions

Teacher reference form:

The application form will include a request for Private Teacher or Ensemble Director name and email address. A teacher reference form will be emailed directly to teachers based on this information. Please have this information ready when completing the application form.


Students may indicate on the application colleagues with whom they would like to be placed. Students may also list colleagues with whom they do not work well. The Chamber Music Program director will take these requests and non-requests into account when making ensemble placements as ensemble structure allows.


For students enrolled in KSYO, a fee of $150.00 for the 2021-2022 season applies for students who audition and are accepted to the KSYO Chamber Music Program.

For students not enrolled in KSYO, a fee of $400.00 for the 2021-2022 season applies for students who audition and are accepted to the KSYO Chamber Music Program.

Chamber Music Program 2021 Schedule

  • Important Dates


    Tuesday, September 14 – Rehearsals

    Thursday, September 16 – Rehearsals

    Tuesday, September 21- Rehearsals

    Thursday, September 23 – Rehearsals

    Tuesday, September 28 – Rehearsals

    Thursday, September 30 – Rehearsals

    Tuesday, October 5 – Rehearsals

    Thursday, October 7 – Rehearsals

    Tuesday, October 12 – No Rehearsals (Fall Break)

    Thursday, October 14 – No Rehearsals (Fall Break)

    Tuesday, October 19 – Rehearsals

    Thursday, October 21 – Rehearsals

    Tuesday, October 26 – Rehearsals

    Thursday, October 28 – Rehearsals

    Tuesday, November 2 – Rehearsals

    Thursday, November 4 – Rehearsals (schedule may change)

    Tuesday, November 9 – Rehearsals

    Thursday, November 11 – Rehearsals

    Tuesday, November 16 – Rehearsals

    Thursday, November 18 – Rehearsals

    Tuesday, November 23 – No Rehearsals (Thanksgiving Break)

    Thursday, November 25 – No Rehearsals (Thanksgiving Break)

    Tuesday, November 30 – Rehearsals

    Thursday, May 2 – Rehearsals

    Monday, December 6, 6:00 PM – Winter Recital


    Tuesday, January 4 – Rehearsals

    Thursday, January 6 – Rehearsals

    Tuesday, January 11 – Rehearsals

    Thursday, January 13- Rehearsals

    Tuesday, January 18 – Rehearsals

    Thursday, January 20 – Rehearsals

    Tuesday, January 25 – Rehearsals

    Thursday, January 27 – Rehearsals

    Tuesday, February 1 – Rehearsals

    Thursday, February 3 – Rehearsals

    Tuesday, February 8 – Rehearsals

    Thursday, February 10 – Rehearsals

    Tuesday, February 15 – Rehearsals

    Thursday, February 17 – Rehearsals

    Tuesday, February 22 – Rehearsals

    Thursday, February 24 – Rehearsals

    Tuesday, March 1 – Rehearsals

    Thursday, March 3 – Rehearsals

    Tuesday, March 8 – Rehearsals

    Thursday, March 10 – Rehearsals

    Tuesday, March 15 – No Rehearsals (Spring Break)

    Thursday, March 17 – No Rehearsals (Spring Break)

    Tuesday, March 22 – Rehearsals

    Thursday, March 24 – Rehearsals

    Tuesday, March 29 – Rehearsals

    Thursday, March 31 – Rehearsals

    Tuesday, April 5 – Rehearsals

    Thursday, April 7 – Rehearsals

    Tuesday, April 12 – Rehearsals

    Thursday, April 14 – Rehearsals

    Tuesday, April 19 – Rehearsals

    Thursday, April 21 – Rehearsals

    Tuesday, April 26 – Rehearsals

    Thursday, April 28 – Rehearsals

    Tuesday, May 3 – Rehearsals

    Thursday, May 5 – Rehearsals

    Monday, May 9, 7:00 PM – Spring Recital

    Questions? Contact the Director of Education & Community Partnerships.