Four Notes

Four notes.

That’s how many notes it takes to get a gasp out of the audiences when we play music from Harry Potter. It’s such a wonderful moment and it makes us remember the power of music.

The KSO performs the Young People’s Concerts annually at the Civic Auditorium for more than 8,000 elementary students (That’s 79 large school groups, 45 small groups  (home school and private schools), from 13 counties, 1 group from Kentucky). It’s one of the biggest ways we serve the most kids with music in one setting.

It’s fun to play for the kids because they are always excited. They get to be out of school, ride a bus and when the lights go down, they ooh and ahh in anticipation. We’re playing a lot different styles of music which helps to keep us on our toes, and this year, there was even a story written by an audience member that goes along with one of the pieces.







Musicians have to plan most of their days so that they have a lot of energy in the evening for rehearsals and performances. The Young People’s Concerts can be a challenge to play because the concerts start at 9:30. There are usually many sleepy musicians backstage, especially if we are playing two performances. That’s why we’re always grateful for the Knoxville Symphony League volunteers who bring breakfast. It always help to wake us up and keep us going for the second show.



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