Staff & Board


Staff Contacts

To avoid spam we do not post live links.  To email a KSO staff member, copy the address in the “To:” field and replace (at) with @. To reach by phone, dial 521-2xxx (extensions listed below).

Marie Carrillo,
Part-Time Box Office Assistant
337 mcarrillo (at)
Morgan Fleming,
Data Coordinator
315 mfleming (at)
Rachel Ford,
Chief Executive Officer
300 rford (at)
Erin Gonzalez,
Education and Community Partnerships Coordinator
325 egonzalez (at)
Mary Sue Greiner,
Director of Development
304 msgreiner (at)
Kathy Hart,
Youth Orchestra Manager
336 kathy (at)
Mario Lopez,
Director of Education and Community Partnerships
 305 mlopez (at)
Miranda McAfee,
Customer Service Representative/Administrative Assistant
 300 mmcafee(at)
Amber Mullins,
Development Manager
319 amullins (at)
Trianne Newbrey,
Director of Communications
317 tnewbrey (at)
Ned Smethers,
Director of Finance
306 nsmethers (at)
Mark Tucker,
Librarian/Orchestra Personnel Manager
327 mtucker (at)
Cory Wilhite,
Director of Operations
301 cwilhite (at)

Board of Directors

Executive Committee, 2021-2022

President Mr. John Winemiller
President-Elect Mr. Rick Fox
Past President 
Mr. Bill Riley
Vice President – Artistic Affairs  Ms. Adrian Jay
Vice President – Development  Mr. Patrick McGlothin
Vice President – Education  Mr. Rick Fox
Vice President – Government Relations  Mr. G. Mark Mamantov
Vice President – Marketing  Mr. Jeffrey H. Lee
Vice President – Nominating  Mrs. Cynthia Moxley
Vice President – Planned Giving  Ms. Jenny Hines
Chairman of KSO Endowment Foundation  Mr. Herb Sanger
Treasurer  Mr. David Colquitt
Secretary  Mrs. Mardel Fehrenbach


Mrs. Jenny Boyd
Mr. James L. Clayton
Mrs. Natalie Haslam
Mr. Chris Kinney
Mr. Jay McBride

Board Of Directors

Mrs. Evelyn Shaw, President, Knoxville Symphony League
Mrs. Jenny Kitts and Mrs. Carolyn Lawrence, Presidents-Elect, Knoxville Symphony League
Mrs. Elizabeth Offringa and Mrs. Linda Haynes,  Past Presidents, Knoxville Symphony League

Mr. David D. Ayliffe
Mrs. Patricia Bible §
Mr. Jarrod Blue
Mrs. Gordon J. Chalmers
Mr. Roy Cockrum
Mrs. Ruth Fielden
Mrs. Judith Foltz
Mrs. Nidia Gallego
Adrian M. Jay
Mrs. Katrice Morgan Jones
Mr. Raja Jubran
Mrs. William G. Laing
Mr. Jon Lawler
Dr. M. Douglas Leahy
Mr. Jay McBride
Ms. Sheena McCall
Mr. Dave Miller
Mrs. Phyllis Y. Nichols
Mrs. Becky Paylor
Ms. Sharon J. Miller Pryse
Ms. Suzanne T. Schriver
Mr. Rick Stone
Mrs. Harold B. Stone
Mr. Bill Taylor
Mrs. Janet Testerman
Mr. Russ Watkins
Mr. Timothy W. Williams
Dr. L. Anthony Wise, Jr.

Honorary Directors

Mrs. Robert Lawrence Ashe*
Mrs. Howard H. Baker, Jr.*
Mr. Wallace W. Baumann*
Dr. Edward J. Boling*
Mrs. Bette Bryan
Mrs. Betsey Bush*
Mr. Joseph P. Congleton
Mr. James A. Dick*
Dr. John H. Dougherty, Sr.*
Mr. Ross N. Faires*
Mrs. W. N. Garrett*
Dr. Frank Gray*
Dr. G. Turner Howard*
Mr. James R. Martin
Mrs. E. Jay Mounger
Mr. Richard E. Ray
Mr. James F. Smith, Jr.
Dr. William T. Snyder
Mr. David M. Traver*
Mr. Harry Wiersema*
Mr. H. D. Wynn*
Mr. Lindsay Young*


* Deceased
§ Leave of Absence