Planned Giving

The Bertha Walburn Clark Society


For friends of the KSO who have included the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra in their estate plans.

The founder and first conductor of the Knoxville Symphony was Bertha Walburn Clark, a handsome, snowy-haired woman who was a cultural force in Knoxville for nearly 70 years.

Mrs. Clark believed that music was “as vital to a community as the flow of commerce” and she worked tirelessly to build the KSO. Mrs. Clark had the vision to build a great orchestra for Knoxville and we seek to continue building that ensemble while securing its place in our community well in to the next 70 years.

Your gift to the KSO Endowment will:
  • Ensure a music director of superior ability
  • Retain talented musicians through naming a symphony “chair” in the orchestra
  • Bring the music of the Knoxville Symphony to more than 60,000 East Tennessee children annually.
  • Support the KSO’s Music & Wellness initiative, which brings live, therapeutic music into hospital settings
  • Ensure the longevity of the Knoxville Symphony Youth Orchestra program
  • Contribute to expanding the reach and repertoire for the KSO through special commissions


With your help, the legacy of the KSO’s music and education programs will continue to serve our community for generations to come.


The Bertha Walburn Clark Society recognizes those who have provided for the KSO in their wills or estate plans.  Society members are committed to ensuring the future of the KSO and at the same time providing for future generations.  If you would like to join this dedicated group of supporters, please contact the KSO Development Office at 865-521-2304.  If you have already named the KSO in your estate plans, please let us know so we may thank you.

Planned Giving Lists

  • Bertha Walburn Clark Society

    (Planned Giving and Estate Gifts)

    Mr. Wallace Baumann*
    Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Bernstein
    Betty Gay Walden Blanc*
    Mr. and Mrs. Tutt S. Bradford*
    Mr. Keith Walburn Bryan* and Mrs. Karen Keys Bryan
    Mrs. Condon Bush*
    Dr. Ada Marie Campbell*
    Mr. James L. Clayton
    F. Michael Combs~
    Sandra P. Emond
    Vickie and Rudy* Ennis
    Mr. and Mrs. Ross N. Faires*
    Ms. Susan F. French
    Mr. and Mrs. Charles Harr
    Mr. and Mrs. James A. Haslam, II
    Mary and Dan Holbrook
    Florence and Russ Johnston
    Mr. and Mrs. Raja Jubran
    Dr. James Lawler
    Mr. and Mrs. Jon Lawler
    Mr. Sande MacMorran~
    Dr. Charmaine Mamantov
    Mr. James R. Martin
    Ms. Sheena McCall
    Ms. Cynthia Moxley and Mr. Alan Carmichael
    Dr. and Mrs. Alvin Nielsen*
    Mrs. Sharon Miller Pryse
    Mrs. Emily Rose*
    Bill and Atie Rotmeyer
    Barry and Rebecca Rummel
    Mrs. Kay Samuel*
    Stan Smith
    Alan Solomon, MD
    Gary Sperl~
    Alice Stewart~
    Mr.* and Mrs. Harold Stone
    Prof. David L. Sylwester*
    Mr. and Mrs. David M. Traver*
    Dr. Earl L. Wehry, Jr.*
    D. Scot Williams~
    Mr. John Winbigler

    *deceased     ~KSO Musician

  • In Honor Of

    Jill Bartine
    Stephen Koella

    John and Barbara Belmont
    Michael and Tracey Belmont

    Lisa and David Bogaty
    Lauren, Mark, Madeleiene and Ford Zook

    Breast Cancer Survivors of the KSO and KSL
    Lewis and Erma Brewer

    Willene Chalmers
    Willene Chalmers nieces: Lisa, Rowena, and Jessica

    Willene Chalmers nieces: Lisa, Rowena, and Jessica
    Willene Chalmers

    Jeannie K. Chenette
    Mark Markowitz
    Georgette Weir

    Sean Claire
    Elizabeth Koester

    The Cope Family
    Kellie Vogel

    Aram Demirjian
    Shirley and Barnett C. Helzberg, Jr.

    Lucinda Denton
    Mary and Scott Muir

    Audrey Duncan
    Elizabeth Koester

    Rachel Ford
    Elizabeth Koester
    Shawn White

    Mary Sue Greiner
    Elizabeth Koester

    The Hammond’s 52nd Wedding Anniversary
    Beverly and Richard Hammond

    Jim and Natalie Haslam
    Cynthia Moxley and Alan Carmichael

    Leslie Hill
    Lewis and Erma Brewer

    Knoxville Symphony League Board 2019-2020
    Elizabeth Offringa

    Knoxville Symphony Orchestra
    Lewis and Erma Brewer

    Knoxville Symphony Youth Orchestra
    Lewis and Erma Brewer

    Dr. and Mrs. Rudy Koester
    Linda and John Haynes

    Dr. Rudy Koester
    Elizabeth Koester

    Lynn and Anneke Large
    Lewis and Erma Brewer

    Margo Lynch
    Lewis and Erma Brewer

    Eleanor Nichols
    Linda and John Haynes

    Christopher Szluha, beloved son
    Darrell and Katalin Elliott

    Dr. Bert E. and Leslie Toney, III
    Marsha Reichle

    Charlotte Williams
    Bill and Julie Perry

    John Winemiller
    Shawn White

    Sam Young
    Lewis and Erma Brewer

  • In Memory Of

    James Ashley
    Davis and Westside YMCA yoga class
    Betty Eason
    Shirley and Bill Fogarty, Sr.
    Charles Longford
    Randy and Jan McNally
    Nancy F. Stiefel
    Louise Young

    Dr. Bruce Avery
    Dr. Shirley Avery

    Clara Austin
    Carole Willard

    Carolyn Bailey
    Suzanne Carriere

    Robert Jackson Breazeale
    Janet S. Bower
    Ivory League
    Knoxville Symphony League

    Keith W. Bryan
    Mrs. Albert N. Minor

    Lynn Rogers Carl
    Christopher Varnell
    Ranald B. Claire
    Patti Claire

    Joe Clayton
    Knoxville Symphony Orchestra
    Cynthia Moxley and Alan Carmichael

    Bobbie Congleton
    Anna Gray

    Katherine Crews
    Martha Barnwell
    Ruthellen Crews
    Jane Forsberg
    Dr. and Mrs. William Holt
    Beth Nagel
    Edward and Willa Wolcott

    Sarah W. De Young
    John Winbigler

    Lynn Duncan
    Cynthia Moxley and Alan Carmichael

    Charleene Edwards
    Knoxville Symphony Orchestra
    Wendy Allie Schneider
    Sherri Vinsant

    Frank B. Gray, MD
    Dr. and Mrs. David J. Barnaby
    Mr. Tom Boyd and Mrs. Sandi Burdick
    Bette and Dick Bryan
    Sandra and John Butler
    Mr. and Mrs. Joe Congleton
    Lisa and Paul Cossé
    Janie and Bill Dempster
    Liz and John Farr
    Sally and Lamar Fleming
    Mr. and Mrs. Stephan Jakubowski
    Knoxville Symphony Orchestra
    Dr. Rudy and Elizabeth Koester
    Mr. and Mrs. James A Ley
    Mark Mamantov
    Cynthia Moxley and Alan Carmichael
    Anna C. Painter
    Dick and Ann Ray
    Teresa and Danny Smith
    The Society for Arthritic Joint Surgery
    The Trust Company of Tennessee
    Mary P. Ward
    Mr. and Mrs. George E. Wilson, III

    Mary Ann Haubenreich 
    Mary Sue Greiner and Sam Young

    Ginger Hood
    Thomas Hood

    Anne Curtis Johnson
    Knoxville Symphony League

    Elizabeth Koester
    Patricia Bible
    Erma and Lewis Brewer
    Knoxville Symphony Society
    Mary Sue Greiner and Sam Young

    Coach Johnny Majors
    American Football Coaches Association
    P A Barnwell
    Shree N. and Phillip Beeler
    Dr. and Mrs. David C. Boles
    The Rev. John H. and Deborah R. Bonner
    Janet S. Bower
    The Boyd Family
    Mrs. Arthur Burns, Jr.
    Francis and Pattie Cain
    Mary and Jerry Carlton
    H.E. Christenberry, III
    Mr. Larry Cox
    Anne Galloway
    Anna Gray
    Mr. and Mrs. James A. Haslam, II
    Bucky and Liz Hullander
    Jimmy Rane Foundation
    Joseph and Patricia Johnson
    Stephen and Denise King
    Mr. Alex Kramer
    The children of G. A. Lawson. George Lawson, Jr., Mark Lawson, Ceci Shannon, and Lori Rutland
    Ms. Jan Lippert
    Manning Family Gift Fund
    Michael and Martha McKinnon and Anneva Lansden
    Charlene Mischlich
    Cynthia Moxley and Alan Carmichael
    James and Anne Noland
    James P. Parkes
    Courtney N. Pearre
    Russell Pierce
    The Plateau Group/ Dick Williams
    Susan Parker Rector and David W. Rector
    Bob Roseberry and Family
    Leverda Sandlin
    Leonard J. Selner
    Richard, Joey, Ginger, and Jackson Sharpe
    Mrs. Ann Sherbakoff
    Sugar Bowl Office/Jeff Hundley
    Eugenia Vookles
    Ms. Diane Wallen
    Mr. and Mrs. George E. Wilson, III
    Ms. Peggy Wise
    William and Cathy Youmans

    Peter Mark
    Patricia Bible/KaTom

    Dan McGehee
    Suzanne Carriere

    Mrs. Gaines Morton
    Helen and A. Sterchi Morton
    University Liquors

    Jacqueline T. Newman
    Janet S. Bower
    Mr. and Mrs. John Butler
    Willene Chalmers
    Linda and John Haynes
    Dr. and Mrs. Fred Hodge
    Knoxville Symphony League
    Knoxville Symphony Orchestra
    Dr. and Mrs. Rudy Koester
    Rhonda Webster
    Nancy Weigel
    Linda and Len Royston
    Mr. and Mrs. William Simms
    Pete and Cynthia Sowa

    Carol Jean Noll
    Stan Smith

    Jerry S. Olson
    Tim, Lisa, and Zach Brashears
    Linda Redmond/Deno Cole/Pembroke HOA

    Robert C. Parrott
    Margie Parrott
    Michael Plummer
    Katherine Wasmund

    Bill Regas
    Cynthia Moxley and Alan Carmichael

    William C. Riley
    Lindy Riley

    Suzanne McElroy Seger
    Nicolai and Irina Martovetsky

    Woodson Lee Smith
    Michael and Deborah Emery
    Knoxville Symphony League
    John and Linda Haynes

    Connie and Bill Starr
    Ginna and Bob Mashburn

    Frank F. Venable, Jr.
    Edie and Gil Volk
    Robert L. Tracy
    Lewis and Erma Brewer
    Kirk and Joanne Huddleston
    Central Baptist Church of Bearden
    Rick Fox and Ralph Cianelli
    Dr. and Mrs. Rudy Koester
    Jim and DeeDee Brogan
    Knoxville Symphony Society
    Mary Ann and Steve Geoffrey
    Betty Ann Sterner
    Jim and Angela Pugh
    Graham and Cindy Hunter
    Deborah and Michael Emery
    David and Jeanne Claire Jones
    Barbara and Jim Calvin
    The Miller Family
    Elizabeth Offringa
    Jay and Joanne Mounger
    Dr. and Mrs. Clinton L. Maples
    Susanna and Tony Deaton
    CJ Cox
    Sam and Mary Ann Venable
    Susan and Kent Farris
    Dr. and Mrs. Jack A. Rule
    Dennis Owen
    John and Stacey Brock
    Bill and Peggy Crowder
    Judith Albrecht
    Betty Lewis
    Thelma Thornton
    Jeanie Bundy
    Mrs. Anna Gray
    Virginia B. Hicks
    Edwin and Jennie Gerace
    Robert Nelson
    Jack and Julia Rule
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Ayres, Sr.
    Joan Dorsey
    Dr. and Mrs. Fred Hodge
    Dr. and Mrs. Rudy Koester
    Knoxville Symphony League
    Carlene and Doug Welch
    Al and Susan Yanno
    Linda and Len Royston
    Mr. and Mrs. William Simms
    Janet S. Bower
    Bruce and Sally Queen
    Carol Akerman
    Mr. and Mrs. Don Preston
    Sandra and John Butler
    Mr. and Mrs. Fred Brackney
    Pete and Cynthia Sowa
    Linda and John Haynes
    Sue and Garrett Briggs

    Dr. John F. Woods
    Janet S. Bower
    Linda and John Haynes