Orchestra Member “Stretches” into New Territory

 KSO Flutist also acts as mom, teacher, yogini

Jill Bartine is regularly recognized in the Knoxville community, whether it’s from playing the flute on stage with the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra or teaching yoga at a local studio. A wife and mother of twins juggling multiple jobs, Jill is constantly trying to find “balance” – both literally and figuratively. She also teaches flute lessons.

Originally from Houma, Louisiana, (about an hour southwest of New Orleans), Jill has been playing flute for more than 30 years–since 5th-grade band class, to be exact.  Her Master’s degree in Music brought her to the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, where she joined the KSO soon after in a contracted per-service position.

Jill says both practicing and teaching yoga has made her a better flutist and a better flute teacher. Being aware of one’s breathing and posture on a regular basis also contributes to a more peaceful state of mind while performing. The stretches alleviate aches and pains that come from sitting in rehearsal holding up an instrument.


“Yoga was the first form of physical activity that I tried as an adult that I really fell in love with and that didn’t feel like exercise,” said Jill. “After several years of practice, when I decided I needed to supplement my income, it seemed like a natural extension from having taught flute lessons to start teaching yoga. The practice to me is a never-ending exploration of the workings of the body and the breath, and in turn how you can use those to impact how you think and how you feel. It’s pretty incredible, and I never tire of it.”

On the flip side, her background as an orchestral musician has helped her as a yoga teacher to be aware of each little detail that goes into each pose throughout a practice as well as to have a good sense of timing for how to pace a class. Both disciplines require multi-tasking.

The Knoxville Symphony Orchestra’s new series, “KSO UnStaged,” is treading new ground for exciting events that will attract new audiences and create new ways to experience music. One such event, KSO UnStaged: Flow, will pair a live yoga class with a live classical music performance. Jill was a natural fit to help bridge these two worlds. A good yoga practice has an ebb and flow, highs and lows, just like a piece of music. This upcoming event combines movement within the “audience” and the performers on stage.

About creating the event, Maestro Aram Demirjian said, “Both yoga and classical music have been demonstrated to be good for one’s stress level, blood flow, and overall health, so it seemed natural to put the two together. Flow is the most interactive UnStaged event yet because it invites our attendees to engage in the practice of yoga as the music is playing.”

KSO UnStaged: Flow

Thursday, Oct. 4 at 6:30 p.m. at The Mill & Mine

$30/advance | $35/at the door

Instructor-led yoga class to the sounds of the Knoxville Symphony performing live

Tastings from Kava Koncoctions,  Food/Beverage available from Tako Taco

Attendees should bring their own yoga mats. All levels welcome.

Tickets and information here.

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