Soiree and Swoon

This past Tuesday, as part of the Knoxville Symphony League’s Elegant Dining Series, the musicians of the KSO hosted a “Symphony Soiree” where we musicians cooked the food and provided the entertainment. The event was a unique chance to get to hear somewhat different music from fellow classical musicians in the orchestra along with the chance to enjoy their cooking. I had a great time getting to meet some of the symphony patrons and listen to my colleagues perform.   Who knew oboist Ayca Yayman was a belter….? (she sang “Cabaret!”) Thanks to violinist Zofia Glashauser for organizing the players end of things, and to the League for organizing the event. (Many more not pictured, but here are just a few).

Violist Bill Pierce sings “You Are My Sunshine” and plays the guitar.
Principal Keyboardist Emi Kagawa joins French horn players Sean Donovan and Kelsey Bentley for a Schumann Horn selection.
Emi Kagawa accompanies Ayca Yayman for a number from Cabaret.

On to pops…

It’s always great to be able to play the music of Frank Sinatra — the tunes are timeless and the arrangements always make the orchestra sound great. I’m really looking forward to getting to Saturday’s rehearsal and concert. In the past, we’ve played different arrangements of classic tunes for pops shows, but it’ll be a real pleasure to be able to play the real charts that Sinatra performed.

This Saturday, February 9 at 8 pm, the KSO will perform “My Sinatra” with crooner Cary Hoffman. It’s going to be close to a sell-out, and with hockey (literally) just around the corner, come early, and come ready to swoon. Aram Demirjian conducts. Tickets and info here.

KSO performs its pops series at the Civic Auditorium.

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